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You could have all this at YOUR wedding reception!...

First up we have the stunning Martin Audio Sound system, Most commonly only used in high end venues these will produce pure hi-fi quality sound at nightclub levels if required.
Whether it's low notes or high quality, HeadlineDJ always delivers with crystal clear accuracy. Our speakers use a very specific technology to deliver the sound to ensure our clients receive what they pay for!

HeadlineDJ provides awe inspiring lighting setups, which often incorporate overhead trussing.
This style of rig features a triangular aluminum trussing that is raised up above head height using some of the best lighting stands available.
With triple redundancy built in these are more than safe.
These get the lighting up where it should be so it can project down onto the floor and into the crowd.

Many DJs fail to do this effectively and shine the lighting into faces which spoils the atmosphere somewhat. This can however be venue dependent.

Discharge lighting is used for all the main effects, just like any Nightclub, TV Show or Concert, powerful MSD lamps cut through the air and punch colours anywhere we please. These can emit vivid or subtle almost pastel like colours. We often pre-program these to suit each and every venue making great use of any architecture.

Smoke Effects and how HeadlineDJ deals with this problem.Specific Wedding Lighting?

Not a problem for HeadlineDJ!

We use specialist LED Uplighting that emit almost any mix of colours you desire. These allow the mixing of Red, Green and Blue to provide amazing colour washes.
The use of such a system allows for a stunning effect with your choice of colour splashing over the venue.

Featured architecture such as fireplaces, pillars, doorways and more can come to life with a splash of colour.

View our gallery of Wedding Lights and use your imagination to inspire your ideas for your own reception venue.

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Here's some basic info about our gear:

Very Clear Sounding - Martin Audio Speaker System 2.8Kw rms.

Digital amplification and speaker management throughout, with full back-up equipment in place. Near instant music request capability.

Multiple radio mic systems for client and guest use,
Digital Lighting control, layered for reliability,
High powered discharge lighting effects giving vivid colours,
Professionally and smartly presented.

Want more Effects.. no problem.

Strobe Igniter tubing, LED Up-Lighting and Moving Heads are always at hand to add more depth to the lighting display.

Wedding Lighting to enhance your venue available as an upgrade.


  • "I would just like to comment on the quality of the service provided by HeadlineDJ our wedding disco went down excellently and many of our guests passed on there admiration for his professionally."

Gear Pics:

State-of-the-art digital control

Moving Heads create awesome scenes

Lighting control by day

Lighting control by night